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Vinca majorBlue Periwinkle

Vinca major

How does it spread?

Vinca spreads mainly by runners. When the weed mass, or soil containing any roots or shoots, is dumped it will reshoot. Often it is dumped on the edge of bushland or near a watercourse, and from thee finds its way into the bush.

How does it affect us?

Vinca, like Wandering Jew, forms a dense mat which overwhelms and smothers native vegetation and preventing its regeneration.

When does it seed/flower?

Flowers in Spring.

Getting rid of Vinca

Manual Control

All roots must be and shoots must be removed, then put into bags and taken to the tip, otherwise it will reshoot. Don't put it into compost or mulch.

Herbicide control

New growth can be sprayed after cutting back.

Natives to grow instead

Native Violet - Viola hederacea is vigorous ground cover for shady areas. The climbers Dusky Coral-Pea - Kennedia rubicunda and the scrambling Happy Wanderer - Hardenbergia violacea will grow in many situations and can be easily kept in check by tip pruning after flowering.
Click on the green links to see how these look in the bush.

The information here was taken from an information brochure ' Weeds of Blue Mountains Bushland Garden Plants Going Wild" sponsored by Blue Mountains City Council and NPWS (BM District).

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