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Myrtle-leaf milkwort

Polygala myrtifolia/virgata

How does it spread?

The seeds/fruit of Polygala are spread by bird droppings or by run-off. They grow easily in disturbed soils near roads, tracks and gullies.

How does it affect us?

Polygala is beginning to take root in some newly bush-regenerated sites in Lane Cove National Park, cutting out light and space for the newly regenerating native plants.

When does it seed?

Seeds after flowering in Spring, but it sometimes can flower all year.

Getting rid of Polygala

Manual Control

Small seedlings can be pulled out, otherwise it can be dug out.

Herbicide control

Poison the roots with herbicide using the cut-and-paint method.

The information here was taken from a booklet "Attack of the Killers Weeds" published by Coastcare and Dept of Land and Water Conservation.

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