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Are you growing any of these in your garden?

Are they escaping?

Seeds end of Summer/Autumn
Ochna serrulata

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about how it grows
and spreads, how to remove it and what
you can grow instead.



Polygala myrtifolia
Myrtle-leaf Milkwort
Flowers Spring


Vinca major - Blue Periwinkle Vinca major
Blue Periwinkle
Flowers Spring

Ochna serrulata
Mickey Mouse Plant
Seeds October



These particular plants (and more will appear here) are often the despair of bush regenerators in Lane Cove National Park.

Because the park is surrounded by suburbs, with back fences bordering right onto the park, it is easy for these plants to escape into the park. They do it because they are so easily regenerated and because the park has so many small waterways running into it from the surrounding suburbs.

Where is the water from the gutters and from your gardens going to run?
Straight down to the river, dumping weed seeds and cuttings along the creek lines as it goes!

Each of these plants has been chosen because it presents a problem in Lane Cove National Park. As you walk along the river, or near a creek running down to the river and see these weeds, think about where they have come from.

Have they escaped from your garden?

Watch out in plant nurseries for these menaces! Some of them are still being sold!

For more information on these and more weeds you can pick up leaflets at your local council or visit the following websites:
(More to come)

This is what happens!

Asparagus fern, Cotoneaster and Agapanthus growing in a garden
above the Great North Walk in Lane Cove National Park




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Asparagus fern growing in a water course on the
Great North Walk directly below the garden

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