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Agapanthus praecox ssp orientalis

How does it spread?

Agapanthus produces many small black shiny seeds in a 3-sided capsule after flowering. The seeds will be spread by birds or by water. Agapanthus is often planted along nature strips, where the seeds can be quickly washed into creeks or bushland. (See photos).

The plant itself will spread by continually forming new clumps.

How does it affect us?

It spreads quickly along drainage lines, but can also grow in dry areas. The thick roots displace and totally take over other plants.

When does it seed?

Agapanthus flowers in Summer and seeds from the end of Summer into Autumn.

Getting rid of Agapanthus

Manual Control

Control Agapanthus in your garden by cutting off the flower heads before the seeds form.

Remove the whole plant by digging out.

Herbicide control

Doesn't respond well to herbicides.

Natives to grow instead

Kangaroo Paw (Anigozanthos species), Spiny-headed Mat Rush (Lomandra longifolia), Flax Lilies (Dianella species).

The information here was taken from a leaflet "Weeds of the Blue Mountains Bushland - Garden Plants Going Wild", published by the Lindeman Road Bushcare Group in the Blue Mountains.


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From above to below

This Agapanthus is growing with many others along the boundary of a national park. Directly across the road are houses with Agapanthus along their nature strips.
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