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What's flowering in the park

Tristaniopsis laurina

Water Gum, Kanooka, Wallaya

Family: Myrtaceae

Tristaniopsis laurina is a common small tree 4-10 m in Sydney rainforests and along streams in shaded gullies where it can reach 15m. The bark has a distinctive pale sheen when young, scaly when older.

Its lanceolate satin leaves are up to 14cm long, hairless, and alternate, distinguishing it from its smaller cousin, Tristania neriifolia, which has opposite leaves.

The 5-petalled flowers are golden-yellow, 3 in each leaf joint at the ends of branches. Stamens are in conspicuous bunches.

The fruit is a thin-walled capsule.

Tristaniopsis laurina flowers in December, January and into February.

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