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What's flowering in the park

Solanum aviculare

Kangaroo apple 

Family: Solanaceae

Solanum aviculare is 2-3m tall, open and erect. It is normally found in sheltered forests and rainforest margins. In the park, many new plants are regenerating where weeding has been done in one of the old quarries.

The stems of Solanum aviculare are green or purple, 1-3 cm long, and hairless. The leaves are large and and thin, varying in shape from entire to divided into 2-6 deep pointed lobes. The name aviculare comes from the Latin for little bird, referring to the shape of the leaves.

The flowers are blue-violet with yellow anthers. The fruit is egg-shaped, about 25mm long, turning from yellow to orange and red.

Solanum aviculare flowers in November and December.

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Solanum aviculare, Kangaroo Apple