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Platylobium formosum ssp. formosum

Handsome Flat Pea

Family: Fabaceae

Platylobium formosum ssp. formosum is a pea plant growing in sheltered forest areas. It grows in a slender, straggling way to about 1m tall.

The leaves of Platylobium formosum are distinctive: opposite, broad, ovate to heart-shaped, about 3-4cm long, with prominent network veins and recurved points.

The fairly large flowers are yellow with red centre markings, the standard about 18mm long , the broad rusty-coloured calyx 8-10mm long. Flowers are borne singly or two together in the leaf axils.

Platylobium formosum flowers from August to November.


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 Platylobium formosum ssp. formosum - Handsome Flat Pea