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What's flowering in the park

Pittosporum undulatum

Sweet pittosporum

Family: Pittosporaceae

Pittosporum undulatum is a small - medium tree native to rainforest gullies, but its orange berry-shaped fruit is so popular with birds that it has spread well beyond its preferred habitat, to the extent of becoming a serious pest in urban bushland. Because of this, it is being culled in the park, being left only in its original damp rainforest locations. The foliage creates a dense canopy under which it is extremely difficult for other plants to grow, especially those used to more open woodland canopies.

 The leaves of Pittosporum undulatum are thick and glossy above, dull underneath, with wavy (undulating) edges. They are 10cm long and 3-4cm wide. They often have a diseased look - lines of brown blisters caused by Pittosporum Leaf Miner grubs.

Pittosporum undulatum has clusters of white flowers, with a very sweet fragrance, followed by bright orange fruit.

Pittosporum undulatum flowers in September and October.

Pittosporum undulatum - Sweet pittosporum

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 Pittosporum undulatum - Sweet pittosporum