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What's flowering in the park

Patersonia sericeaPatersonia sericea

Native Iris, Silky Purple Flag

Family: Iridaceae

Patersonia is a densely tufted grass-like herb with tough, stiff leaves. The leaves of each plant are arranged in a line on either side of the flower stem.

The flowers range from blue to purple and have 3 broad sepals, 3 smaller petals and 3 yellow stamens. They are delicate and short-lived, opening one after another on sunny days.

The 40 cm leafless flower stems of Patersonia sericea are longer than the leaves.

The leaves of Patersonia sericea are usually flat but may be almost cylindrical. They are erect, up to 30cm long and 2-6mm wide, rising from a clump at the base.

Patersonia sericea flowers July - December.

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Patersonia sericea

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