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What's flowering in the park

Pandorea pandoranaPandorea pandorana

Wonga wonga vine 

Family: Bignoniaceae

Pandorea pandorana is a beautiful woody stemmed climber with a variety of flower colours, ranging from white with purple markings, to cream to light red. It is mainly found near wet forests.

The flowers are seen in Spring as cascades hanging from branches and tops of shrubs. Each flower is a tube about 15mm long, with 5 lobes curling back to show red markings inside the throat.

The leaves of Pandorea pandoranaare pinnate, with 3-7 glossy thick leaflets 2-7 cm long. Juvenile leaves resemble ferns with small soft-toothed leaflets.

The fruit is oblong and splits to shed winged seeds.

Pandorea pandorana flowers in August and September.

Pandorea pandorana

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