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What's flowering in the park

Leucopogon lanceolatus

Lance Beard-heath

Family: Epacridaceae

Leucopogon lanceolatus is a shrub growing 1 - 1.5m high,in sunny sheltered understoreys in forests on sandstone. It is distinguished by its long leaves and flower spikes.

The dark green, soft, lance shaped leaves are up to 40mm long, 3-10mm wide. The conspicuous veins are longitudinal, narrowning equally at both ends.

The tiny white flowers of Leucopogon lanceolatus are borne in spikes longer than the leaves.

The red fruits in November are edible.

Leucopogon lanceolatus flowers from September to December.

Leucopogon lanceolatus - Lance Beard-heath

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 Leucopogon lanceolatus - Lance Beard-heath

Leucopogon lanceolatus - Lance Beard-heath fruit