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What's flowering in the park

Hibbertia scandens

Golden Guinea flower 

Family: Dilleniaceae

Hibbertia scandens is a vigorous climber commonly found on sandy coastal areas through to inland forests. It prefers sunny positions on good soil. It has thick fleshy stems trailing 3m up tree trunks or along the ground, often twining around each other. The name "scandens" refers to its climbing habit.

The leaves of Hibbertia scandens are alternate, large, up to 8 cm long, shiny above and hairy beneath. Some are toothed.

The flowers are larger than Hibbertia dentata, to 9cm across. The seeds are bright red and shiny, clustering on the old sepals.

Hibbertia scandens mainly flowers in Spring and Summer.


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Hibbertia scandens - Golden Guinea flower