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Hibbertia linearis

Showy Guinea Flower

Family: Dilleniaceae

Species within the Hibbertia genus can be difficult to identify because many of the species have almost identical leaves, as well as leaf variations within the species. Often the number and arrangement of the stamens around the ovaries is used to identify the species.

Hibbertia linearis can vary in growth pattern from an erect shrub up to about 1.5m high, to spreading. The plant is found in heath or woodlands on sandstone and sands.

Although the name linearis means narrow with parallel sides, the soft leaves can vary from linear to obovate, with pointed or rounded tips. They are narrow, 8-30 cm long, 1-5mm wide, with recurved margins.

The bright yellow flowers of Hibbertia linearis may grow in the leaf axils or at the ends of branches. Each flower has 15-25 stamens completely surrounding 3 hairy carpels (female reproductive parts). The flowers are short-lived and the petals easily fall off.

Hibbertia linearis flowers from May to October.

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 Hibbertia linearis - Showy Guinea Flower