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What's flowering in the park

Hibbertia dentata

Toothed guinea flower 

Family: Dilleniaceae

The bright flowers of the trailing plant Hibbertia dentata stand out as you walk or drive along the park's roads. Hibbertia dentata is usually found in moister forest areas or sheltered gullies on sandstone or clay soils.

The flowers are about 4 cm wide when fully open, with a mass of stamens in the centre. As one Hibbertia dentata flower fades another opens to take its place throughout Spring.

Elliptical leaves, with sparsely toothed margins, are widely spaced on stalks along a reddish stem. Young leaves are often a purplish colour.

Hibbertia dentata flowers from August to November.

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 Hibbertia dentata - Toothed guinea flower