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What's flowering in the park

Geranium homeanum

Northern Cranesbill

Family: Geraniaceae

The Geranium genus has about 13 species in Australia. The most common ones in the Sydney region are Geranium homeanum and Geranium solanderi, which are very difficult to differentiate.

Geranium homeanum is a small herbaceous plant, with weak slender stems and thick fleshy rootstocks. There are 5 to 7 deeply divided leaves, each lobe being divided again near the top. The leaves of Geranium homeanum may be purplish underneath.

The pale pink regular flowers have 5 petals and 10 fertile stamens which are borne in pairs.

The fruit of Geranium homeanum consists of a long thin tapering beak which splits into 5 fruitlets.

Geranium homeanum flowers from September to February.

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 Geranium homeanum - Northern Cranesbill