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Eriochilus autumnalis

Parson's Bands

Family: Orchidaceae

Eriochilus autumnalis is a fairly common small terrestrial orchid growing in damp spots or mossy ledges in open heath and woodland.

The heart-shaped leaf is small and hairy, often not developing completely until after flowering.

Eriochilus autumnalis grows 1 - 3 flowers on thin, wiry stems up to 12 cm high. The flowers are whitish, with prominent white lateral sepals up to 10 mm long. The other flower segments are small and green: the recurved labellum (tongue) is cream with small purple spots and is covered with short stiff hairs.

Eriochilus autumnalis flowers from March to May.

Eriochilus autumnalis -  Parson's Bands

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 Eriochilus autumnalis -  Parson's Bands