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What's flowering in the park

Dodonaea triquetra

Common hop bush 

Family: Sapindaceae

Dodonaea triquetra is a soft, erect shrub 2-3 m, very leafy in new growth areas but it can be straggly. It may grow in dense colonies in disturbed areas, such as after the 1994 bush fires in the park.

The mid-green shiny leaves of Dodonaea triquetra are broad but soft, 4-10cm long, tapering towards the base.

The fruit which appears in Spring and Summer is green, with 3 wings. It was used in the early days of the colony as a substitute for hops in beer making.

Dodonaea triquetra flowers from July to October.

Dodonaea triquetra - Common hop bush

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 Dodonaea triquetra - Common hop bush