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Dipodium variegatum

Hyacinth orchid

Family: Orchidaceae

The Hyacinth orchid is a saprophyte, which means it is a leafless plant which obtains nourishment from decaying wood or plant matter, usually in association with a fungus.

Dipodium variegatum has a green fleshy stem 40-80cm high, with a small leaf at the base. The flowers are pale pink with purple spots. The colour of the stem and the floweers distinguish it from Dipodium punctatum. There is a dense hairy patch on the labellum or tongue - the 'landing pad' for insects.

It prefers dry sandy soils in coastal forests, but grows in a variety of habitats.

Dipodium variegatum flowers mainly August to January.

Dipodium variegatum - Hyacinth orchid

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Dipodium variegatum - Hyacinth orchid