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Calochilus robertsonii

Purple Beard Orchid

Family: Orchidaceae

Calochilus robertsonii is a terrestrial orchid, found in heath and woodland.

The leaves are fleshy and triangular in cross-section.

The flowers of Calochilus robertsonii are about 35 mm long, green with red or purple stripes. The upper part of the labellum or tongue is thickly covered with purple-red glands while the lower section has long thick purple-red hairs, ending in a bare slender tip.

There are 2 - 10 flowers at the end of a slender grey-green stem.

Calochilus robertsonii was named after J. G. Robertson, who originally collected it.

It is very similar to Calochilus gracillimus, which flowers later.

Calochilus robertsonii flowers in October.


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Calochilus robertsoniiCalochilus robertsonii stalk and leaves