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Lady's Fingers

Family: Orchidaceae

Caladenias are terrestrial orchids which are deciduous and die back in Summer. There are two Caladenia species in the park, Caladenia carnea and Caladenia catenata. These two species may hybridise with each other. They grow on sandy soil in shaded areas of forests and scrubs, often in colonies.

Caladenia catenata

Caladenia catenata is probably the most common Caladenia in the Sydney region.

The narrow linear leaf is erect, with sparse hairs.

The flower stem of Caladenia catenata is usually 10-20cm high, with 1 or 2 short stem bracts. There are 1 or 2 flowers, white to pink, about 30mm wide. There is an orange-yellow tip on the labellum (tongue).

The white variety was previously known as Caladenia alba.

Caladenia catenata flowers from April to October.

Caladenia catenata

Caladenia catenataCaladenia catenata

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Caladenia carnea

Caladenia carnea can be easily distinguished from C. catenata by the red and white barred column and labellum (tongue). The labellum is also shorter.

Caladenia carnea can be white or pink. It has an erect hairy narrow linear leaf.

The name carnea comes from the Latin meaning fleshy.

Caladenia carnea flowers from August to December.

Caladenia carnea

Caladenia carnea