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What's flowering in the park

Boronia ledifolia

Sydney Boronia 

Family: Rutaceae

Boronia ledifolia is the earliest boronia to flower, starting from June in the Sydney sandstone region. The hardy erect plant is usually 50 - 100 cm high with the same width.

The slender, dark green leaves are usually simple, but sometimes 3-foliate, with recurved margins. They have tiny star-hairs dotting the upper surface. They are highly aromatic.

The deep rose-pink flowers of Boronia ledifolia are usually solitary, 5-10mm across. There are 4 petals and 8 stamens. When the flower is finished the petals close up to resemble a bud and the fruit ripens inside this.

Boronia ledifolia flowers from June to September.

Boronia ledifolia - Sydney Boronia

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 Boronia ledifolia - Sydney Boronia