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Austromytus tenuifolia

Narrow-leaf Myrtle

Family: Myrtaceae

Austromytus tenuifolia is a straggling shrub, sometimes up to 3 m but more often 50-150 cm high. It grows mainly in moist sheltered places in woodland, commonly along creek lines.

Soft narrow dark green leaves are opposite, about 4 cm long, with recurved margins and stiff points. Branches and the undersides of leaves are silky when young.

The white flowers of Austromytus tenuifolia are on long stems clustered in the leaf axils. There are 5 petals and numerous stamens.

The fruit is a dark purple berry.

Austromytus tenuifolia flowers in November and December.


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 Austromytus tenuifolia - Narrow-leaf Myrtle