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Acacia ulicifolia

Prickly Moses

Family: Mimosaceae

Acacia ulicifolia, growing to about 1.5 m, is common on dry stony ridges and open scrub lands, flowering in autumn and winter. The common name is derived from 'Prickly mimosa', referring to the phyllodes which are 8-14 mm long, thin, angled upwards like spines. The branchlets on which they grow are covered with fine hairs.

Acacia ulicifolia is similar to Acacia echinula and to Acacia browneii, but is more common than those. It is distinguished from them by the paleness of the flower and a swelling at the base of the phyllode.

The solitary pale lemon flowers are held out beyond the prickly phyllodes on fine stiff stalks. Seed pods are small - 3-5cm x 3mm.

Acacia ulicifolia flowers in Autumn and Winter.

Acacia ulicifolia - Prickly Moses
Look for the swelling on the glands of the phyllodes and the hairs on the branchlets.

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 Acacia ulicifolia - Prickly Moses