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Some rough stats about our Lane Cove National Park Bushcare Program

Based on figures done in the past, in recent years volunteers do of the order of 8000 hours per annum. Figures in “Why do we care” state that the volunteer work as of 2004 equated to over $2 million since the program started.

The SMCMA’s Bushcare brochure from 2005 states 8516 hours for LCNP (LCRA), and there were 7966 hours for 2007. These were costed at $20/hr in 2005 and $30/hr in 2007, totalling $170,320 and $238,989 respectively. Although this does include corporate groups and tree planting days, most of these hours were done by our regular Bushcare volunteers.

8000 x $30 = $240,000 would be a pretty reasonable figure of volunteer in kind contributions in the last 12 months (or just shy of a quarter of a million per annum).

Over the history of the program there have been at least 44 groups in total of which we have 28 currently active. They are currently working over 30 sites as some groups such as the Friends group (the inaugural group), Marrs Ck and the Tuesday Group are working up to 4 sites each. Some groups such as groups 3 and 13 have moved sites during the history of the program (3 used to work on Shrimptons Ck, now at Leisure Cl, and 13 at Carters Ck, now at Scribbly Gums). Of the 19 original Bushcare groups started after the public meeting in 1994, 14 are still active.

The combined list of Friends and volunteers last November was 299 people (some Friends, some volunteers, some both, many friends used to be volunteers but now are only able to contribute financially). Figures put currently registered volunteers at about 200.

There had been almost $400,000 in grant funding raised by the Friends up until 2004. With the grants in recent years for Ridge to River, Dalrymple, Tide to Table, and other programs there have been around $150,000 to $200,000 raised in the last 5 years, putting it well over half a million in grant funding raised and easily pushing $600,000 for the last 15 years.

Add onto this the countless hours that the Friends put in for grants we don’t get, the time they put into promoting the Bushcare program and the environmental message in general at events like the Ku-ring-gai Wildflower Festival, Australia Day, Open Days and other events, the website and newsletter (Jacqui – special mention there). I can tell you from my experience with the Volunteer Coordinators Network that the Friends of Lane Cove are the envy of Bushcare programs across Sydney and many wish they had such a community group to back them.

Figures supplied by Matt Springall, Bushcare Coordinator, Lane Cove National Park

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