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FRIENDS website creates interest in Beijing

The Friends were requested to coordinate a meeting between a Chinese group from the Water Resources and Hydro Power Planning and Design Institute of Beijing and NPWS after they had been shown the fish ladder at the Lane Cove River weir on the Friends' website and were keen to see it in operation when they recently visited Sydney.

An excellent presentation of the history and design of the fishway was made by Andrew Duffy while the two Sydney Bass fishermen testified to the much improved availability of bass in the river above the weir following the 2009 modifications allowing the bass to travel upstream. The Chinese engineers said they would return to China with plans to add similar facilities to rivers in China with the object of improving the ecology and fish habitat. Bass Sydney has had an interest in the fish passage since 1997, developing relationships with NPWS & NSW Fisheries, then after the fishway construction was completed they took up a monitoring role on an annual basis to see if the fishway was in fact working.


Top: Chinese water officials with Mike Pickles, Alan Izzard (centre) and Milton Lazarus of Bass Sydney and Andrew Duffy (NPWS). Professor Dong An Jian, VP of Water Resources and Hydro Power Planning and Design Institute of Beijing is also pictured centre

Centre and bottom: Andrew Duffy explains the workings of the 'fish ladder'. The fishway is in the immediate background in the bottom photo.

Click here to read more about the fish ladder.


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