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What wildlife's been seen In Lane Cove National Park

Contrary to rumours that echidnas are no longer to be found in Lane Cove National Park, they are there. And not only echidnas!

Latest reports:

February 2020

Bandicoot at South Turramurra near Canoon Rd: Dan Jervis

January 2020

Peter Rand saw a swamp wallaby on the Fairyland Track at Lane Cove Sunday, 12 January 2020.

December 2019

Hello, went out looking for snakes today with no luck but I did find a Powerful Owl hanging out in a quiet place near the river! 

Also saw a nice Azure Kingfisher and a few White Headed Pigeons amongst a plethora of other regulars!

I have recently also seen a tree snake, black snake, goanna and echidna all near our place in Marsfield. 

Just a follow up. Went out again this morning in a different direction and found an adult powerful owl with two large chicks. All looked healthy!

Daniel Jarvis

The adult was high in the tree watching over the young. [Editor]

November 2019

A swamp wallaby with a joey in its pouch caught by Dan jervis' remote trail camera! He's seen quite a lot of them around the park lately and it appears they are doing well. H saw two more today near South Turramurra whilst riding, quite a distance from where this shot was taken last week.

October 2019

  1. Just an update on some sightings this last week from Daniel Jarvis' place in Marsfield.

    We have had echidnas around (not sure if the same one but seen a few times) and coming right into our garden.

    We have had a glider in one of our trees last night, I think a squirrel glider. We also had a powerful owl sighted a few trees away about an hour later! Didn't notice a glider in its talons though!

    I also just came back from a ride where I saw a black snake near Koombalah Ave, Sth Turramurra.

    Things are heating up for spring!

  2. We spotted a black wallaby in our backyard at Barons Crescent,  Hunters Hill, [not far from Sugarloaf Point] a first time in 9 years that we have lived here.  Amazing to see and couldn't believe it.
    Karen Van Es
April 2019

Found at ~4:30pm today (Sun, 12 Apr) next to the Brown's Waterhole Track where it curves around near the M2. It jumped away and stopped a bit up the slope, which is where I took the picture. It seemed to be the size of a large dog. No signs of any others. First time I've ever seen one here! Lisa Moore

February 2019

Just seen by Daniel Jarvis: a few (half dozen or maybe more) New Holland Honeyeaters in the bush hanging around a tree hollow. Unsure if it was a nest, or there was something to eat there!

Just to follow up we had a fox in our garden this afternoon. The birds notified me.

We also get quite a few tree snakes in our area. Mainly see the skins but a pair was on our balcony a few weeks back!

October 2018

Swamp Wallaby was seen by Frank Raynor near end of Sutherland Road, Cheltenham

August 2018

Browns Rd Wahroonga (ends near the park): Bruce Murray

Our backyard motion sensing camera is picking up a lot of animals mostly ringtail and brushtail possums but also this wallaby. We were excited to see confirmation of the wallabies that we know have been visiting the edge of our backyard for some time.

There was also this echidna (see right)at the back of Browns Rd in May

July 2018

This swamp wallaby (right) was sitting on the west side of Riverside Drive in the section where it is split into two, in the vicinity of Peppermint - Gavin Robertson


January 2018

The Mars Creek Bushcare group had two Powerful Owls watching them This is the third time the owls have been seen.

From Daniel Jarvis
I have recently moved into a house on the national park at Marsfield and have been lucky enough to recently see echidnas on two separate occasions, three separate goanna sightings as well as hear powerful owls as well as boobooks regularly.

We had a family of frogmouths in our yard for a week with their two chicks.

We have had a brown snake skin in our yard in October.We now have a 2m python hiding in our garden.

November 2017

Another echidna spotted by Bushcare group at Mars Creek.

October 2017

Davy Hidayat spotted another echidna near the river, in the park. See Davy's photo on right.

August 2017

Jane Morgan spotted an echidna in Lane Cove NP on 28 August while riding her bike through. She has also seen 3 wallabies lately.

August 2017

Thought you would like to know I just saw a pair of Black Cockatoos on my lunchtime walk in Lane Cove NP - behind the Binary Centre on the Lane Cove Valley Walkway (just up from where Epping Road crosses the river. Beautiful sight.
Lee Kirkland, Ryde City Council

December 2016
Friend David Springthorpe was again lucky enough to spot a rare bird and managed a couple of quickly snatched photos taken from his rear patio in Macquarie Park overlooking the upper Lane Cove River on 27 December.  "I went out to check on a couple of noisy cockatoos ("noisy" being somewhat redundant) and saw it in a nearby tree."

October 2014
Friend David Springthorpe took the latest wallaby photo. He says, 'First time ever I've seen wallabies (x2) in the bush (semi-cleared) about 50 metres from my porch which overlooks the River at Durham Close, Macquarie Park'.

April 2014
Jillian Yau was very excited to see what she thought was a kangaroo but must have been a large wallaby jumping across Delhi Rd (from the main park side just near the speed camera) one Saturday evening.

She has lived in Ryde over 50 years and had never seen or heard of one. Maybe it was the same one from the report below - or maybe there are more!

Thanks Jillian

And the Mumfords have spotted a swamp wallaby out the back of their house in Cobran Road, Cheltenham
last week (April) an Echidna about 3-4 months ago.

Thanks Chris

February 2014
LCNP Ranger Kathryn photographed a swamp wallaby that she saw have a drink and then swim the whole way across the Lane Cove River to Fidden’s Wharf and stop on the Great North Walk right in front of her.

January 2014
From David Meggitt: python seen near the caravan park, visiting from up North, probably in a caravan
Also near LCNP in West Pymble: Brown Cuckoo-Dove, Burton's Legless Lizard, Red-bellied Black Snake, and the ubiquitous Brush Turkeys. Photos from David at right

November 2013
28 Nov 2013 Jim McLean saw 'a fairly large dark wallaby, probably a Swamp
Wallaby, at Sugarloaf Point near Boronia Park. It looked healthy besides missing the tip of its right ear.
Thanks Jim

And Kate Hansen spotted a very big echidna at the back of her house on the edge of LCNP at the end of Mooney Street, in Lane Cove north.
Thanks Kate

September 2013
Philip Dimond from Koombalah Avenue, South Turramurra reports:

We have had a huge increase in bandicoots over the past 12 months (evidenced by the holes everywhere! J ) and brush turkeys wandering the street but tonight (just now) I was amazed to see an echidna ambling across my front lawn. I took a little video and let him go on his way ( I thought about taking him/her back to the bush but the street here is quiet and he looked like she/he knew where he was heading).

The last two years we had a rabbit plague which seems to have just about gone but the numbers of wildlife have taken off in an amazing way lately.

And from Daniel Jarvis

Just thought I’d update you on some recent sightings.

I think there is a pair of bowerbirds in Ferndale Park, West Chatswood (not quite in Lane Cove NP but not far from it). They seemed to be tending to a large nest, though this was off the ground so I’m not sure if they are Satin Bowerbirds. Sure looked and sounded like them but.

Also there are quite a few scrub turkeys with large nests to tend to currently in the park. I guess the chicks will be out and about soon.

March 2013
A red crowned toadlet was found and photographed (see right) by LCNP bushcare volunteer Alan Deitch at West Pymble on the Great North Walk on 23/3/13 .

January 2013
Craig writes that he 'Saw this little guy [echidna] over the Christmas/new years break on Riverside Dr near the caravan park. Looks like it had a run in with a dog or something at some stage [orcar perhaps Ed.]. You can download the short clip he videod (38Mb) at

November 2012
A fairly unusual sighting - a wallaby was seen on the fire trail behind Gloucester Ave, West Pymble. Very exciting. Thanks Phyll.

And also two wallabies, one about half the size of the other, on the fire trail near Duckys Waterhole, Devlins Creek, North Epping.

October 2012
You don't often see an echidna trying to escape from the park. This one (right) was photographed in River Ave, West Chatswood, opposite the Lane Cove River, trying to bury itself into a concrete driveway. It was manoevred into a box and released back into bushland. Thanks Nils.

September 2012
Another echidna off the Comenarra in Sth Turramurra, just near the bottom of Geoffrey street. Spotted by and thanks to Daniel Besgrove

August 2012
So difficult to photograph, this Variegated Wren was 'captured' in the park by Ed Gock
. It was a moulting male near the campsite and stayed at the same spot for like 5 minutes which was good. Ed thinks it was too young to notice that he may have been a threat!

Long-nosed Bandicoot chewing snack - West Pymble

A flock of about 10 Black Cockatoos spotted by Daniel Jarvis circling near the boatshed above the weir in Lane Cove National Park. Usually you only see 2 or 3 together.

13 December 2011
It's been a while, but another echidna was spotted by Pavel and Lydia Kotulic, visiting from Europe, about 50 meters from the Park entrance in Macquarie Park.

mid-September 2011
More from Daniel Jarvis (see May below)
Just thought I'd let you know of some more sightings in the park I had over the weekend. kayaking up the river on Sunday before lunch:

- plenty of cormorants, ducks, noisy swamp hens, the usual birds along with a couple of Azure Kingfishers which were about 500 metres apart (maybe a breeding pair?) darting over the river.

- a couple of water dragons who I guess are back out.

- The real surprise was to see two black snakes swimming across the river within 10 metres of each other in opposite directions at the same time! Surprising.

1 August 2011
A Powerful Owl spotted by Sarah and Sam Smith at the junction of the Kurrajong path from Pennant Hills and Day Road entrance at Cheltenham.

June 2011
From the Muffett family
Just wanted to let you know that there is significant bandicoot activity on the right side of Albion Street Pennant Hills. The houses at the end of the street are on the Lane Cove National Park boundary.
Unfortunately there are a number of free roaming domestic cats, hopefully the little bandicoots are fast runners. : (

May 2011
From Daniel Jarvis
I regularly ride through this park on my mountain bike (2-3 times a week) and have a few sightings from the last few months.

A few times in late Summer/early Autumn 2011 I saw turtles in a pool in a creek in the bush between Whale Rock and Day Rd (Beecroft)

Yesterday I had the life scared out of me from an approx. 2 metre brown snake just off the Link track near I think Kingsford Ave, South Turramurra.

There are a few Brush Turkeys who hang around the bush near my house in Epping, I see them regularly along Devlins Creek.

On two occasions in late Summer/early Autumn I have seen Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoos around the Day Rd area near Whale Rock. Groups of 4 or so. [See photos at right from mobile phone]

I have also, unfortunately, seen a fox running along the path near Whale Rock.

After rain last Summer I saw a few Eels in the Devlins Creek area.

April 2011
Cunningham's Skink - rarely seen in Lane Cove National Park. Seen near the Great North Walk towards Kissing Point Road. Thanks Jenny and Sofia Zvolanek for spotting and photos

July 2010:

Powerful Owl photographed in Fairyland by Tony Butteriss

late 2009
- Two powerful Owls were seen on Riverside Drive, actually on the road probably eating something

June 2009
Two brush turkeys seen crossing Kissing Point Road about 100 m down hill from Boyd St. This was at approximately 7:30 am. Thanks Philip Dowling

- 1m+ lace monitor (probably juvenile) crawled out of a gully near the Tourist Park where a bushcare volunteer was battling weeds, and slid back after a bit of sunning.

- a pair of Pacific Bazzas at the Delhi Rd Gates,
- a Black Bittern at Cottonwood Glen,
- a pair of Grebes at the weir,
- a Superb Parrot at Wallalong Crescent (seriously!), Brush Turkeys in several locations,
- Powerful Owls at Commandment Rock,
- Swamp Wallabies on the hill behind the Works depot.

January 2008 - some fauna sightings from the last few months – 4 wallabies hopping through the bush on the south side of the river near Fiddens Wharf;
- 2 powerful owls on the river near Avondale Creek, and near Khartoum Rd;
- Long Neck Tortoises at Thornleigh (in a swimming pool), Talavera Rd (!) and in the river at a waterhole just upstream of Deburgs Bridge;
- an echidna at Carters Ck;
- a family of Tawny Frogmouths at River Ave
- baby lace monitors at Jenkins Hall and Tunks Hill;
- Brush Turkey at Durham Cl;
- and a Boobook Owl up Blue Gum Ck.
2 red belly black snakes at Morona Ave
- a family of tawny frogmouths from River Ave.

December 2006 - An echidna was sighted on two occasions in the same small area of bush close to the creek near the Malton Rd/Kethel Rd intersection in Cheltenham. It was seen about 2.30pm (curled up) on Sunday November 12 and again (full frontal!) at about 3pm on December 7 2006. He seems very much at home! reports Attica Cox.

September 2006 - Two echidnas spotted waddling through the bush beside Riverside Drive (and then across the road), not far from Porters Bridge. A couple walking along the road said they often see them in the area.

Another echidna was spotted and photographed in September 2004 by Zac Gazzard, who says he has seen many in the last few months, and thinks they are becoming more common, possibly as a result of the fox-baiting programs.

August 2004 - an echidna was picked up from Lady Game Drive by a park ranger and deposited in a safe place within the park boundaries, well away from the main road.

One was seen in September, 2002, by walkers on the Great North Walk somewhere between the weir and de Burghs Bridge.

October 2001 from Herbert. "There are also Echidnas in Lane Cove near North Epping. A visitor of mine from Germany just saw two when she walked through the bush, described the "funny hatchhog" to me and asked me what it was. There can't be that many, because I am often in the bush, and have never seen one."

Near the Caravan Park October 2001. Seen by lucky Alison.

September 2001 near picnic area 36 (Thistlethwayte's). Thanks Lutz (a volunteer bush regenerator in the Park) and the visitor who pointed it out.

September 2000 near the boatshed. Lucky Mark to be able to watch it for a couple of minutes!

Another sighting early in 2000 at the Barakee Picnic area! Thanks Jenny.

One was seen on Fri 5/11/99 in Somerset Park (between Terry's Creek and Crimea Road), in the Lane Cove River catchment. Thanks to Bruce for emailing us that news!

Other sightings of rare and special fauna

December 2006: bandicoots have been appearing unfortunately as road kill along Lady Game Drive in the past few months! They are obviously increasing!! Thanks Zac for letting us know and informing LCNP as well.

a powerful owl spotted in the Blue Gum High Forest in Dalrymple Hay Nature Reserve, St Ives, December 2006

June 2005: bandicoot holes spotted at the Little Blue Gum Creek bushcare site

a bandicoot near de Burghs bridge about July / August 2004 (it got trapped during a cat trapping enterprise).

a powerful owl high up in a pittosporum at Terry's Creek mid-September, 2004

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Click here for our new website.


Bandicoot: Dan jervis February 2020

Powerful Owl chick and watching parent (below) Dan Jervis December 2019

Swamp Wallaby with joey: Dan Jervis Nov 2019

Swamp Wallaby: Lisa Moore April 2019

New Holland Honeyeaters: Daniel Jarvis February 2019

Echidna :Bruce Murray May 2018

Wallaby: Bruce Murray August 2018

Swamp Wallaby on Riverside Drive Photo Gavin Robertson

Daniel's python

Grey Goshawk near the Lane Cove River in Macquarie Park. Photos David Springthorpe

Swamp Wallaby near the river in Macquarie Park. Photo David Springthorpe.

Photo Kathryn
Swamp Wallaby on LCNP track at Fidden's Wharf

Brown Cuckoo-Dove

Visiting Python

Red-bellied Black Snake

Burton's Legless Lizard

Brush Turkey

Red-crowned Toadlet

Long-nosed Bandicoot Photo Jim Lawler

Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoos

Click here for larger photos o Cunnungham's Skink Click here for larger photos o Cunnungham's Skink
Cunningham's Skink
Click on photo for larger images

Powerful Owl
Powerful Owl Fairyland
Click on photo for larger image

Not courtship behaviour at all! This is typical male combat behaviour, which is seen in male Red-bellied Black Snakes during the spring season. Males will wrap and twist around each other aiming to push the body and head of the other male down. The winner remains in the area and has access to the local females.
Photo Sam Conway

Tawny Frogmouth family in River Ave Photo Tony Butteris

Echidna photographed on Riverside Drive, Lane Cove National Park in September 2006


For a full list of fauna species in Lane Cove National Park, go to the DEC website survey results

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